The illustrative universe

The childhood dream was to be able to make a living from being a cartoonist and painter. I drew diligently and exhibited quite a bit throughout the 80s, until I put it on the shelf and chose commercialized Graphic Design in the early 90s.

Bie Grafik was my small graphic design company. Today, I still work independently, just under my own name Søren Bie. The company Bie Grafik’s history goes back to my father, Jørn Bie. He founded the company in with a focus on photography and multimedia presentations.

The company existed from the late 60s to the mid 80s, when he started writing books and making art instead. I started Bie Grafik again in the mid-90s with a new concept in graphic design. The digital design age was just beginning with the new world wide web.

Was more or less a newly qualified graphic designer, but only on the analog level, i.e. everything I showed and could. Requires a light table, pencil, marker, paper, scissors, etc.

So I’ve taught myself all my graphic digital design skills since then, and over time I’ve solved a lot of tasks for all sorts of different clients.

I then took a break from professional design and Bie Grafik to concentrate on medieval history and invested time in my own private projects, for example www.jeanne-darc.info which took over five years to create.

The name Bie “Grafik” no longer covered all the different digital subjects I ended up working with, so I chose to close the company after quite a few good years.

Today I work as a freelance graphic designer and deal mostly with digital web tasks, all under my own name Søren Bie.