Who is?


Born and raised in Scandinavia, Denmark. I have been living on Østerbro in beautiful Copenhagen since 1964. Most of my life I have worked with visual graphic design, art and culture, well mixed with a great passion for history and science fiction.

The very building blocks behind my creative work come from and have sprung up as the third generation of an artist and musical family. A natural and dedicated passion for art arose early in my life via my grandfather, artist and writer Per Ulrich (1915-1994). 

The music inspiration came via my grandmother Hedda who was a professional pianist. My dear father Jørn Bie (1939-2023), who also was an artist and writer, has undeniably had a large part in my career choice.

I have gone through two Graphic Designer educations on a purely analogue level. All my digital knowledge and skills are self-taught.

Have always worked as an independent freelancer and gradually on all kinds of projects and mostly from my own design studio. I rarely allow myself to take a vacation, as I am almost always either working or studying on a project.

A bit of pocket philosophy

My life is permeated daily by a relevant wonder about humanity. Have always been fascinated by the story of Ferdinand the Bull who, after a bee sting, is mistaken for a dangerous bull. But Ferdinand would much rather lie in the meadow and sniff the fragrant flowers than hunt.

Often sees the abstract in the “normal”. Listening to the calm before the storm. Enjoys watching the leaves rustle in the trees and the clouds drift by. In addition, I am hypnotized by everything that is between the lines, often in a witty and pocket philosophical way.