Title: Curage
Artist: Spacetours – Søren Bie
Release Date: 24-08-2023.
Album: 9 tracks.
Length: 53 Minutes.
Genre & Style: Electronic, Chill, Ambient, slow beat

The third and final album in this series of Chill slow tempo


My name is Søren Bie. Born 1964. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia. This website is a digital business card and my personal online playground, which shows a little about my creative world. I am originally an educated graphic designer from the classic analog school, but today I mainly work digitally.

On a daily basis, I juggle several different topics within multimedia. My palette consists of web development, graphic design, illustration, desktop publishing, where I mainly work with the CMS system WordPress, where development and maintenance of web projects is a large part of my work.

Of my own online projects, I mainly focus on culture and art dissemination, history and biography. My studies and research include Saint Joan of Arc (1412-1431) & artist Marie Krøyer (1867-1940). For a longer period I have also studied and worked with reconstructions of medieval typography and manuscripts.

My latest web non-profit project, is a tribute to the 100th anniversary gift to where I grew up and live today. Classens Have

Søren Bie

I am currently working on completing a HUGE cultural history book, about Copenhagen’s Carnival 1982-2022.

When I have time to spare, I have created and worked with electronic music as a pure hobby since the early 80s.
It has developed into a small underground record label Skyfi Records, with so far, three own small independent releases.


For fun, and in connection with a past as an Danish pioneer graffiti artist (84-88), I run this open Instagram account. Here I post a bit of everything, among other things. benching (Graffiti train spotting) which I sometimes enjoy when I’m out walking my dog.