Welcome to my website. My name is Søren Bie. Born 64. Resident in Copenhagen. This website is my personal online playground, which shows examples of past projects I have created over time.

I juggle with a number of different facets within the topic of multimedia. Here my palette consists of web design graphic design, drawing and visual arts as well as sound and music production. web design graphic design, drawing and visual arts and sound og musik produktion.

I am a trained graphic designer and mainly work with web development, website design and maintenance. My core competence development of web projects in the CMS system WordPress. (See for example: Wiinstedt.dk)

I am passionate about communicating culture and history, with my private studies focusing on medieval history (See: Jeanne-darc.info), and reconstruction of historical typography and medieval manuscripts (See: Scriptorium.dk), and my latest project, biography and art history (See: Marie-Krøyer.dk)

It was a brief introduction to my creative universe. So surf around and experience my audio visual creations. You may want to experience a slightly different and nuanced freelance studio juggling around with many different subjects in the air at the same time. Via my blog I sometimes share a bit about my creative work, life, thoughts, memories, images, impulses.

Vil du gerne hyre mig til en opgave eller vide mere, så kontakt mig her.

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