Professionalism and creativity

My home studio is a graphic analogue and digital drawing room, and an electronic sound studio as well as a medieval manuscript painting workshop.

Here I produce everything from websites, electronic audio universes and recreating hand-painted medieval manuscripts. I do this with a lot of different tools, from computers to special fine small brushes.

Around me there are dogs and children as well as a large family resident close by. In addition to my work, I spend all my free time studying and hobby and being with good friends.

A "classic" everyday life is often full of many topics in the air, ranging from web coding, graphic design, art, writing. From medieval history to science fiction.

In private, I love being with close friends. Make and consume spicy food, drink good coffee and soft wines. More or less every day I go for long walks with my beloved Dalmatian dog Solveig.

My favorite entertainment is medieval archery and and watching movies. I really enjoy reading books, especially with the topic of biography and history.

But for the most part, I do everything I can in the waking hours of the day, because I love it all the way up in the clouds.

Some of my handmade medieval manuscripts. Visit: Scriptorium.dk