Lidt af det hele

Born and raised in Scandinavia, Denmark. Resides at beautiful Østerbro in Copenhagen since 1964.

The very building blocks of my creative work originated as the third generation of an artist and musical family. A natural and dedicated passion for art and music, emerged early in my life through my grandfather, artist and writer Per Ulrich.

My good father Jørn Bie there is also artist and writer. The music crept in through my grandmother Hedda who was a pianist.

Later it was summed up with an analog Graphic Designer education. All digital skills and knowledge are self-taught. I have always worked independently from my own studio and as a freelancer.

Most of my business career I have worked with visual graphic design. In addition, I work with electronic sound and music, mixed well with Art and medieval history.

Some might think it's a weird cocktail, but I enjoy this atypical mix every day. So much so that I rarely allow myself to go on holiday, as I almost always either study or work.

I've never really figured out what my professional title is: Graphic Designer, Artist, Historian or Musician? After all, I work on it all? So I'm probably just Søren Bie.

Inspiration and the unbearable ease of life

My life is permeated daily with a relevant wonder of humanity. Has always been fascinated by the story of the Taurus Ferdinand who after a bee is mistaken for a dangerous bull. But Ferdinand would much rather lie on the meadow and smell the fragrant flowers. Often sees the abstract in the "normal". Listening to the silence before the storm. Enjoy watching the leaves rustle in the trees and clouds drift by. In addition, I am mesmerized by everything that stands between the lines, often in a witty and humorous philosophical way.

Søren Bie. Akvarel 1993
Søren Bie - tegning
Søren Bie - tegning
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