Sound recordings

Lydoptagelse af middelalder klokke Fanefjord Kirke
Lydoptagelse af middelalder klokke Fanefjord Kirke

Hertz, oscillation and sound waves

Often when I "see / hear" an opportunity for a special, different sound, I try to "catch" it if I can and have my audio equipment with me. Since I was a teenager I have been collecting sounds and it has turned into a pretty big collection where I use some recordings for my own music and sound productions.

Is very fascinated by wind and nature soundscapes, which I often use in my "Spacetours". Has also recorded conversations and done interviews with friends and acquaintances, as well as some concert recordings.

I share some of my audio recordings via where musicians and some game designers make use of my nature recordings; something that pleases me a lot.

In my "audio-space journeys" (Spacetours) the pace has been slowed down. Frequencies are often so deep that the vibrations can get a person into a meditative state. These Spacetours can last up to half an hour or more and are specifically designed for higher standard headphones.

I mix layers upon layers of various sounds and sound effects, and mix my own recordings over. Sometimes I work with a specific theme and work from a dream or fantasy where I try to recreate a sound image, for example Titanic or Jeanne d'Arc.

Of equipment, I started with cassette recorder, later Minidisc, then D.A.T. Today I use the ZOOM H4n and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm.

My "spacetours" are designed for in-flight flights.

Designed specifically for good headphones that can play the very deep frequencies.

These "space journeys" have progressed over time and became quite popular especially in the United States and are especially listened to by meditating people who stream some of the works several times daily.