Music Production

In 1987, I bought the brand new Roland D50 synthesizer and an Apple Macintosh Centris 610 and then I started producing music. And I've been running ever since.

I produce a variety of styles ranging from House, Dance, and Techno to the soft styles of Chill, Ambient and meditative music. The red thread is often rhythm and the tunes are often simple and repetitive. Over time, I have created my "own sound" which consists of many complex layers in the sound image which provide a full body and many details of the sound. Theme and depth are my main focus and almost all my music productions have a small story that expresses itself through a vocal samples from eg old black and white films or interviews.

Only rarely do I work for commercial purposes with my productions. Profit has never been my driving force here

My music production is made and goes by the name Søren Bie - spacetours and can be experienced on the website and on my Soundcloud side

Electronic – downtempo

Electronic – uptempo

Cover designs

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