Web Design

Constant development

As a newly trained graphic designer, I jumped on the trolley, right from the start in the mid-nineties and it has not been quiet since. The web medium presents me with challenges all the time as the possibilities are constantly being developed technically. As a graphic designer I lay great emphasis on the visual expression.

In addition to being intrigued by the visual expression that the users experience, I also have a great interest in what lies behind a CMS website. Code languages like PHP, HTML and CSS are part of my everyday life. A beautifully coded page can almost be seen as a fascinating art picture.

In the year 2015, I went from pure HTML programmed website programming to pure PHP CMS solutions. When working with HTML I often had to invent the deep dish and it could be a slow process. Today, I work exclusively with WordPress.

I often work with several topics in the air, and am often on the school bench to follow and learn technical development. I work with search engine optimization (SEO), security and web shop management.

It has become a number of different tasks over time, ranging from various commercial and private websites. However, it is the personal and cultural websites that I love the most, such as musicians, actors, artists, writers, etc.

Feel free to contact me me if you want guidance on your current or want to hire me for your upcoming web project.