My work on this project came about in the wake of my other biographical online projects: www.gustavwiedselskabet.dk and my own www.jeanne-darc.info

I had read the fabulously well-written book "The Ballad of Marie" written by Anastassia Arnold. Also saw the movie that was directed by Bille August, but wanted to know more. So I tried to find some more information. I thought there was both a website and a lot of information about Marie Krøyer online.

But it turned out to be extremely sporadic and in fact the most I could muster was only found on the English Wikipedia. It made me wonder. Didn't anyone tell her story on the internet? - apparently not.

Then one day in March 2013, I randomly tried to search for domain name marie-krøyer.dk with the letter Ø which is in the surname Krøyer. To my great surprise, the domain name was available. The foundation stone was thus laid and I then acquired it. At the time, I did not show how comprehensive this project would unfold.

Later in May 2015, I was able to find time and quiet and I started the project with many months of research, finding overview and sorting of Marie's artworks and photos. Programming and layout setup of the website.

The project was created and founded on March 19, 2013 and went online Sept. 2016

Death and rebirth

Around October 2015, the project was 90% ready to go online, but then the accident happened. Months of research, web programming and all digital material disappeared. An intense computer crash, erased most of my work in seconds. It was an accident, and there was no backup, it had also been deleted. The project then went to sleep, and was then slowly recreated from scratch. A new computer was purchased which regularly backs up. As far as is known, the project Marie-krøyer.dk is the first initiative, for a comprehensive biographical online publication about Marie Krøyer, her life and art. The entire project is self-financed without any kind of grants or financial assistance from elsewhere. It is a self-study, volunteer driven, non-profit project. Powered by pure passion and love for Art, biography, culture & storytelling.