Handmade reconstructions of medieval manuscripts

I reconstruct illustrated medieval manuscripts with great detailed beauty and high artistic quality. Created from my own techniques to resemble old original medieval book illustrations. It is Danish handicraft that you will not find anywhere else.

All products are handmade

However, the paper is not created from scratch. Here I use special artist paper, which I work with my own special techniques. In doing so, I create the illusion that one stands with an original book painting that could be 500 years old.

Scriptorium originated in 2006, partly from self-study of French and English medieval history and partly as direct further development of my study flagship, the project www.jeanne-darc.info

The manuscripts can be experienced and purchased at www.scriptorium.dk


The project Scriptorium idea basis is to recreate and reconstruct historic, illustrated craftsmanship as accurately as possible. All works are made in our own studio and are made of high quality materials. Each individual craft is an authentic handmade copy, made on the idea that historical illustrations can be experienced not only in books and in museums or via electronic media, but also as art that can be owned by everyone.


Partly to pay tribute to a unique historical graphic craft, illumination and book art.
It can also be seen as a different and atypical counterpoint to today's digitized typography, which operates only through electricity or batteries that have gradually supplanted the handwritten word. By reconstructing the original writings and historical illustrations, it can also be used as a contribution to development and understanding in both historical research and in educational contexts. Last but not least, to re-create an original craft that caters to all historically and art lovers and which is full of history, religious dignity and soul.

As an educated graphic designer, I have rediscovered my field of original roots in the art of illumination. Here I can experience both typography designs, sometimes reminiscent of unreadable wild style graffiti, but also encounter cartoon characters and historically naive landscapes. I experience amazing ornaments and colorful patterns. Distorted and distorted 3D perspectives. It is a wonderful process to recreate these works, which in meditative contexts can create a philosophical link, to a writer or illuminator 500-600 years back. It is also a nice alternative to today's graphic design, which is mostly generated by mouse clicks and is 100% digitally created.


I strive to recreate the motifs in an artistically high quality that is true to the original medieval manuscripts. In all my works, the focus is on everything looking real and working as they were produced in the given time period. It is the hallmark of the images that it feels as if it is old. As a single page taken directly from an old handmade book from the Middle Ages, or as a fresco motif just taken down from the church wall.

Writing painting guild meeting with painter Anne Gyrite Schütt March 11, 2017. I was a member of this guild for a number of years. In this small movie clip, you can experience the guild practising and preparing for another movie recording. I draw while I film / capture the mood.

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