Et par skønne e-mail modtaget fra min website om Jeanne d’arc

Et par skønne e-mail modtaget fra min website om Jeanne d’arc
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Skøn e-mail modtaget fra min website om Jeanne d’arc (juni 2009)
23. juni 2009 kl. 13:55

Dear Sir/Madam:

How pleased I was to encounter your truly excellent and informative website while searching online for material about Jehanne d’Arc!

There are so many sites devoted to the study and perpetuation of the life and legacy of the Maid of Orleans, but yours is among the best.

I congratulate you on this great success, and thank you most warmly for your hard work and dedication to the study of la Pucelle and her times.

I plan to use the resources that you have so kindly presented in my own research on Jehanne, and will be sure to submit the eventual results of my work for your consideration.

Merci bien de votre travail!

Yours most sincerely,

Stewart Addington SAINT-DAVID

Brev modtaget fra min Jeanne d’Arc site
16. januar 2009 kl. 23:53


I am doing an NHD (National History Day) project with two of my classmates. The theme for this year’s project is Individuals in History: Actions and Legacies. We decided to do our project on Joan of Arc because she had a large impact on France. We would like to interview you for our project. If that’s alright, could you please answer the following questions and reply as soon as possible? Thank you in advance.

1. What was Joan of Arc’s legacy?

2. What events might not have happened without Joan of Arc saving France?

3. Do you think France would’ve existed to this day without Joan of Arc’s actions?

4. How did Joan of Arc inspire you to create this website?

5. Did Joan of Arc’s actions only affect France or did they have an impact on the whole world?

Thank you again for your time! We really appreciate your help.

-Angela Shang, Mai Ito, and May Sumner