Accurate and balanced storytelling

French saint and army commander from the Hundred Years’ War. Burned at the stake as a heretic in Rouen 1431. One of the earliest and today largest websites about Joan of Arc (1412-1431)


The project offers everyone an exciting and authentic insight into a specific time in world history, which gives historians, students, artists, filmmakers, etc. as accurate sources of reference material as possible. The basic principle of the project is open source. To produce a historical archive on Joan of Arc and some sources for the Hundred Years’ War. The specific goal is to provide an accurate and balanced story with input from as many sources as possible, as well as maximum access to the results for anyone who might be interested.

One of the motivations for the creation of the Jeanne-darc.info project is the belief that historical information should not be secret and could only be seen by a privileged few who are lucky enough to have access to a certain museum/university.

It is a non-religious and non-political project which intends to bring medieval studies to a wider audience worldwide, accessible to all via the Internet. The project has been decades in the making and is continuously improved and developed. I consider it one of my “flagships” within what I have produced the most because it is daily visited and used by many people all over the world.

The project exists only electronically and is purely in English. The entire project is self-financed without grants or financial help from elsewhere. It is a self-study, volunteer-run, non-profit project. Driven by pure passion and love for biography, culture & history.

The project was created and founded 2001 and the website went live Jan. 01-01-2004